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"Youtube-dl" is Simply Awesome To Download Entire YouTube Channel!

Recently a client asked me to download their entire youtube channel so they can host the videos internally. However, there were over 100+ videos and downloading them manually would have been a very time consuming task so I did a little bit of research discovered this simple yet very powerful command called "youtube-dl".  You can use it to download videos straight off of YouTube.

About youtube-dl:
"youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter (2.6, 2.7, or 3.3+), and it is not platform specific. It should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like."

If you ever wanted to download the entire Youtube channel using Ubuntu, Youtube-dl might just be exactly what you were looking for to do just that.

Here is how it works: 

First download it it here: or git clone git:// ffmpeg

Then run these two simple commands.
Option #1 - To download an entire channel use this command:
           youtube-dl -citw ytuser:<USERNAME HERE>
Option #2 - To download all videos on a single playlist use this command: 
           youtube-dl -citw <THE PLAYLIST URL HERE>

Optional step: Convert your .MP4 to .MP3 files 

Note that this will bulk convert multiple files so I think its pretty awesome but if you want to just download since files skip this step and go to the next one.

First install  ffmpeg at

Then locate your download folder where all the .mp4 files are located. For example if its under "youtube-videos" you navigate there b doing this: cd /youtube-videos

Once you are in this directory run this script.

for i in *.mp4
ffmpeg -i "$i" -ab 128k "${i%mp4}mp3"

Or if you just want to download them one by one you can just run this command.

youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 <video URL>

Thats about it! Its the fastest way to go about doing this without using any GUI.

The only thing is that this will save everything in the same directory so you will have to sort everything after its done.

Network Solutions - Wordpress Security Update

Network solutions has issues this email about their Wordpress security update: 

As you may be aware, there are ongoing attacks against Wordpress across the world. Attempts are made frequently by criminals to gain control over your Wordpress blog and to then use that for their own illegal purposes. Your best protection is to make sure you maintain your Wordpress installation at the latest release version and to ensure that you use a complex password that is not easily guessed. 

Why this update? 

Criminals are inventive and resourceful. Right now they are using the longstandingpingback feature in Wordpress to create distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS) against third party websites. There is a high probability that your website might be used for such an attack unless you take specific action to disable pingbacks

What should you do? 

The recommended action is to simply install install this plugin if you use version 3.5 or later. 

More information can be found about this sort of attack on Brian Kreb's web site

Or by visiting Sucuri Security's blog posting on the subject: More Than 162,000 WordPress Sites Used for Distributed Denial of Service Attack

I am not an expert, where do I get help? 

If you aren't technical (and most of us aren't) then we would suggest you contact the person responsible for building your Wordpress blog and ask them for assistance. Alternatively, you could contact NS customer service team who would be glad to assist you. 

Is OpenCart the right choice compared to other shopping carts ?

It really depends on what are you planning to do and how large your shop is going to get in the future.
We have been working with many ecommerce platfroms and trust me they all have their own share of problems but after having worked with osCommerce, Magento, Prestashop, and so on, the best experience we had was with OpenCart.

The reasion I think it’s better is because its new and there aren’t many extensions available yet, but the way they’ve have the system working is just fantastic, it’s very easy to use, just what a non-technical people needed. We’ve developed using osCommerce for example, and Joomla + Virtuemart simply make the non-technical users go insane unless they are good in learning all the coding interface.

On the other OpenCart has an easy to use backend dashboard and well as store frontend. The templating system is quite intuitive and falls back on the default if you screw up anything. The core code is easily navigable and well documented as it uses MVC based PHP shopping cart.  We have recently got this integrated into many of our projects and planning to use on otehr shopping cart websites.

The number one reason of why we are not going with Magento, Prestashop or any other is that most users are not very technical, and don’t have much time to learn the entire ecommrece system.

We love working with OpenCart so if you are interested in learning more about OpenCart feel free to contact us.

Getting Started With OpenCart Installation

OpenCart is one of our favrite ecommerce platforms to work with when it comes to starting an online store. It comes with tons of features and best of all its open source so anyone can download it and start using it under the GNU GPL License.

In this article we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to install OpenCart on your own web server. Follow these steps if you want to install a new, manual installation of the latest OpenCart version.

Manual OpenCart Installation Steps

Step 1 - Download OpenCart (latest version)
Step 2 - Unzip and Upload the OpenCart Files to Your Server (make sure you upload whats inside the "upload folder")
Step 3 - Create a MySQL Database for OpenCart to use (e.g oc_shop)
Step 4 - Go through the installation process (3 steps total)
Step 5 - That's it you're done!

After the installation is complete you can access your Dashboard by going to and enter your login credentials you created on step 3.

If you are looking for professional OpenCart support or installation feel free to contact us and we can help you will that.

58% of Americans Own Smartphones

According to Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project says that majority of Americans now own a smartphone of some sort. This data is critical if you are a business and thinking about converting your website to mobile friendly technology.

  • 55% of cell phone owners say that their phone is a smartphone. 
  • 58% of cell phone owners say that their phone operates on a smartphone platform common to the U.S. market. 

Combined, 61% of cellphone owners are classified as smartphone owners. What this means is that 56% of all US adults are now smartphone adopters. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to also adopt mobile strategy and server its users a mobile friendly websites. The mobile industry is evolving at a very fast rate and people are now hitting the back button if a website is not offering either a responsive design or mobile friendly version.

Websites for Dentists Are Becoming a Necessity

Why having a website is crucial to your dental practice?
First and foremost its 2013 the digital age is in its maturity stage. Secondly, websites have become a marketing tool for any business not just dentists to find new business. Dental practices usually get their new patients through their insurance company or a referral form a current patient. Now that's great but what about the rest of the population who does not have insurance or is not a friend of the current patient. Where do they go ? Well they go to the internet and search for a dentist.

Most dental practices already have an established business so they are probably listed in some local directory sites such as yelp, citysquares etc. However, all that's listed it there is the office phone number (which might or might not be correct) and the address but nothing else. How will a potential patient make up their mind only by seeing your phone number. There is also a possibility that someone has left a review there as well.
Website for dentists Boston
Now if the dental practice had a website that people can go to, it will show them directly what the practice is about and services offered. This way you bringing people to learn more about you and eventually call to schedule an appointment. But without a website its very difficult to do since people nowadays need more info to make a decision.

Another reason that dentists need their personal website is that competition has already started and most dental practices not only have a website up but its also a very good one. Other practices may be taking patients away for your practice without even realizing it.

Also, with smartphones more people are looking online to find new dentists and this keeps growing.

It is very important for a dental office, clinic, individual dentist to have a web presence in this day and age since most people expect it in a way.

Learn more about our dental website design and development.

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SOLVED: Warning: The Command Line Tools for Xcode don't appear to be installed; most ports will likely fail to build.

I was trying to install Lynx on my new mac and by using the Xcode on Mac with MacPort.
Command to install xcode I used was:
sudo port install lynx
However, it kept giving me the following error:
Warning: The Command Line Tools for Xcode don't appear to be installed; most ports will likely fail to build.

Warning: See for more information.

--->  Computing dependencies for lynx

--->  Configuring lynx

Error: org.macports.configure for port lynx returned: configure failure: command execution failed

Please see the log file for port lynx for details:


To report a bug, follow the instructions in the guide:

Error: Processing of port lynx failed
Solution to fix this error:
  1. Open your Xcode from the application folder
  2. Open the Xcode Preferences menu
  3. Locate the Downloads icon (its the 5th one)
  4. Then click on the Components tab
  5. Click on Command Line Tools and on right side should say Install.
Once Xcode has been installed, you will have to manually install the Command Line Tool from the Xcode Download Component preference panel.

If done correctly should final outcome should look like this:
--->  Computing dependencies for lynx
--->  Configuring lynx
--->  Building lynx
--->  Staging lynx into destroot
--->  Installing lynx @2.8.7rel.2_1+ssl
--->  Activating lynx @2.8.7rel.2_1+ssl
--->  Cleaning lynx
--->  Updating database of binaries: 100.0%
--->  Scanning binaries for linking errors: 100.0%
--->  No broken files found.
Thats it folks!

6 WordPress Mobile Options

  • WordPress for iOS

    WordPress for iOS

    WordPress for iOS is the app that lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. With support for both and self-hosted WordPress (2.92 or higher), users of all experience levels can get going in seconds.

    Learn more | Download
  • WordPress for Android

    WordPress for Android

    Write new posts for your WordPress blog, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications, all on your Android device.

    Learn more | Download
  • WordPress for BlackBerry

    WordPress for BlackBerry

    Post to your WordPress blog from your BlackBerry. Manage comments and media, upload videos and more with this BlackBerry native app.

    Learn more | Download
  • WordPress for Windows Phone

    WordPress for Windows Phone

    WordPress for Windows Phone makes it easy to manage your blog or website while on the move. Writing and editing Posts and Pages is a breeze, as well as being able to quickly moderate comments and check statistics. And it's all made to get you in and out quickly.

    Learn more | Download
  • WordPress for Nokia

    WordPress for Nokia

    WordPress for Nokia allows you to edit your existing blog content, add new posts and pages, manage comments, and more — directly from your S60 or Maemo-powered Nokia.

    Learn more | Download
  • WordPress for WebOS

    WordPress for WebOS

    WordPress for webOS represents a new way to blog while on the go. It uses Sliding Panels that makes managing existing content on your blog intuitive and powerful. And when you're ready to start posting, the visual editor helps you compose beautiful posts.

    Learn more | Download

Using Wordpress as Your Business Website

Should your business website use Wordpress?
Every so often we get asked whether to use Wordpress framework as the primary content management system versus going with a different platform. Wordpress is very powerful and there are many great plugins out there to make your website very dynamic. However, with being so popular(open source) there are also some disadvantages since everyone can get their hands on and view the source code. This poses a security loophole since the bad guys can exploit the vulnerabilities and hack your website in just a few minutes.

So is it safe to use is it for your business ? 
Sure, but all the security vulnerabilities  should be taken care of before going live since Wordpress is  out of the box software and there are some security features that need to be enabled or disabled. Having a bullet proof Wordpress website is not as easy as you have to take into consideration also your web hosting environment whether its shared or private. More on Wordpress hosting here.

Most of the Wordpress will get hacked at least once. Its a known fact. Ask anyone who has used Wordpress for at least 5 years, they will tell you their hacking experience. Its not fun and its a pain for those who do not know php and MySQL.

So before you decide whether to use Wordpress as your business website keep in mind the "security" aspect of this open source framework as it will save you a lot of time and headache.

Let us know if you have any questions about wordpress

Turn Your Wordpress Website Mobile

Yes its time to take mobile industry seriously as its growing at a fast pace. If you have a Wordpress blog or website and you user it for your business its probably a good time to make sure its mobile friendly. More people are searching with their smartphones for products and services before they make a decision so its crucial to offer them a friendly mobile website for easier browsing.

Wordpress is such a flexible framework that molding a desktop site into mobile one should be your next  step into growing your business.

So how does Wordpress mobile website work? 
The most common question we get is: do I need to create a separate Wordpress site for mobile ? The answer is no. Everything stays the same with exception of some minor features that are probably not needed anyway for desktop users. What we normally do is get your current desktop website content and when a user is viewing it from a mobile phone it will switch to a mobile friendly version. Basically you go about your business and dont have to change a thing. We handle all the back-end hard coded stuff.

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