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The first lesson of Web Marketing is the most important

The first lesson of Marketing is the most important, because it makes you aware that often what you want is what others want you want. So is an initiation.

The scene is really known, only the most distracted do not remember how Huck Finn swaps his work as painter for a day in exchange for an apple. From Huckleberry true actor pretended to delight that asset forced his playing that he wanted to be not less, at the cost of losing the apple.

The little psychological game used to be Huckleberry, is based on a great truth of the human soul. We have many needs and many needs, but we seek only what they really want. The beauty is that the two things rarely coincide.

At Christmas you have certainly noticed that while talking so much about the crisis, many friends have given or received, hi-tech gifts. Yet the sector that is most affected by the food crisis. Logically and priorities, we should give us packages of pasta and Apple should be on the paving, is exactly the opposite. Everything in principle, to govern us are our wishes.

The lesson of the fence that is also on the web, here are 7 reliable levers that will help you (with) win on the Internet:

Fun (fun, light)
Power (dominion, command)
Health (wellness, rest and relaxation)
Sex / Love
Security (security and defense)
Recognition (self-gratification)
Money (potential income and / or savings)

Ah, the fact that you are aware of this does not mean that you will be immune. Obviously I speak for me, otherwise I would be a naive.
It means "only" be a little 'more aware when we cover the iPod.
What was your initiation?

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